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Cosmetic and Personal Care manufacturer with many specialty products.


Specializes in emollient esters used for Personal Care and Cosmetic formulations.


Specialty Chemical Company with expertise in surfactants and benzoate esters.


Specializes in surfactants and specialty chemicals for use in multiple industries.


Supplies fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials. 


A top manufacturer of water-soluble polymers used for various applications.


A leading supplier for raw materials used in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry.


An innovative source for UV filters developing the most efficient SPF available.



  • We emphasize cooperation and flexibility throughout our company for your benefit
  • Dedicated representatives from multiple teams are ready to help whenever needed and are all working together with your success in mind
  • Every customer is significant and you will receive the attention you deserve

Sophisticated Quality System

  • Controls are in place at every step in the process to minimize the possibility of mistakes occurring

  • Multiple checks are performed throughout our operations to ensure everything is running optimally

  • Our careful and refined procedures have allowed us to obtain ISO and BRC certifications to better supply you

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International Sourcing

  • Our sourcing pool is becoming more expansive every day as we search for the best quality and lowest prices available
  • Key relationships with international suppliers ensure a steady supply of material at competitive prices
  • Should a shortage occur in the US, we have relationships developed elsewhere to avoid interruptions