Supplier Program

The secret to our success with suppliers? we treat them the way we want to be treated.

We are proud to say that we are one of the fastest-growing distributors of raw materials in the Southwest region. And we are proud of the strong, vast network of relationships we have built with our suppliers throughout our time in the industry. We rely on hundreds of suppliers to fulfill our clients’ needs and our goal is to work with those who give our clients the best possible value, have an excellent reputation in the market, and meet our strategic logistical goals.


If you are interested in being considered as a part of our supplier base, please contact us today. A short list of our current network of suppliers: 

Active Concepts

Active Concepts is a leading manufacturer of specialty cosmetic & personal care ingredients with a focus on Extraction Technology, Biofermentation, BioActives, Delivery Systems, Functional Ingredients and Protein Chemistry. We also welcome the opportunity to work closely with our customers both in Research & Development and Marketing, to develop customer exclusive products, blends and complexes.

ALZO International Inc

ALZO International Inc. develops specialty emollient esters, specialty surfactants, urethane emollients and conditioners, and silicone elastomers for use Personal Care and Cosmetic formulations. With a reputation for innovation, Alzo’s emollient esters are a popular choice for formulators due to their low odor, low color and high purity.


Innospec is a global specialty chemicals company focused on bringing innovative new technologies to market combined with a fast and responsive service.  They specialize in sulfate-free surfactant and benzoate ester technologies, and have recently acquired Chemsil, a leading specialty silicone provider.  Together, they will be positioned to provide customers with a wider product portfolio that they can utilize for their formulating needs.


Symrise is a global supplier of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients, and raw materials as well as functional ingredients.With a market share of 10 %, Symrise is the world’s fourth largest supplier in this industry. Its clients include manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics, and foods, the pharmaceutical industry and producers of nutritional supplements.The company has two divisions: Flavor & Nutrition and Scent & Care.


Presperse was founded in 1981 and began its success as a company based upon a single technology, and diverted portfolio from Color to Skin and Sun Care materials. It is now under the umbrella of Sumitomo Corporation and is a premier supplier of innovative technical solutions for its global customers, looking to remain a market leader for raw materials used in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry.

Provitas LLC

Provitas™ LLC converts oil soluble vitamins and other nutrients into water soluble emulsions & powders under the Nutrassential™ & Provitas™ brands. Nutrassential™ emulsions are designed for beverages where clear fortification of transparent beverages is required. Provitas™ standard vitamin emulsions are designed for milk and dairy foods fortification. As well, Provitas™ dries its emulsions into stable powders that disperse into cloudy or clear solution. Typical nutrients offered in emulsions or powders by Provitas are: vitamins D2, D3, A, natural E, synthetic E, K1, K2, CoQ-10, carotenoids, omega-3 PUFA’s, CLA, plant sterols, and resveratrol. Provitas products are manufactured in cGMP, Grade A, kosher facilities in Dallas, Texas.

Chemsil Silicones

Chemsil Silicones, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialty silicones for the cosmetic and personal care industry. Its products range from customer-specific compounds to basic raw materials that can be used in a diverse range of applications.

Gold Coast Ingredients

Gold Cost Ingredients (GCI), Inc. was founded in 1985 by James A. Sgro in Southern California with the vision of delivering quality flavors made from certified organic, natural, natural and artificial, and artificial components. Twenty-eight-years later, that original vision still holds true. GCI remains committed to providing the finest flavors and food products to a large variety of industries at an excellent value, Fair price, delivered with service that is unsurpassed in promptness, courtesy, and consistency.

Arista Industries

For over seventy-five years, Arista Industries has been a leading supplier of premium seafood and top quality oils. From its modest beginnings in New York in 1930, Arista Industries set unprecedented standards in their relentless pursuit of superior products. With an aggressive spirit and dedicated personal service, Arista soon earned recognition among the most highly regarded suppliers in the business. Today, Arista Industries has enlarged its oil division product line to include specialty marine oils, natural vegetable oils, and industrial oils. Arista has expanded the seafood division from primarily Asian and South American imports to a strong position in the American domestic shrimp production of the Gulf of Mexico, with packing plants in several locations from the gulf coast. Arista is now established as a global competitor servicing top clientele in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, foodservice, wholesale and retail seafood industries.


Aloecorp is the pioneer of high quality aloe products and supplements.  We take pride in being the first and only Aloe vera grower and manufacturer to go beyond mere quality analysis.   Aloecorp guarantees biological activity and specific/clinical efficacy in our products; assuring consumers and formulators that the beneficial properties of this remarkable plant has been preserved and even enhanced.

Royal Coatings and Specialty Polymers

Royal Coatings and Specialty Polymers is a manufacturer of Anionic Surfactants,  Alkanolamides,  Amphoterics,  Amine Oxides and Specialty Concentrates for the Personal Care and HI&I industries.  From cosmetics to industrial cleaners, you will find Royal Coatings and Specialty Polymers chemical compounds in a wide range of applications.  The chemicals of Royal Coatings and Specialty Polymers enhance the performance of many familiar household and industrial products.  With our flexible manufacturing processes and professional service, doing business with us is easy.  Royal Coatings and Specialty Polymers can custom blend a wide variety of unique formulations to meet your special needs and reproduce them in small or large quantities.  Whatever your specialty chemical need, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Earth Circle Organics

Earth Circle Organics is a wholesale grass roots importer, distributor and manufacturer that has been serving the raw community for over seven years. Our mission is simply to supply the highest quality, truly raw and organic superfoods from around the world. We purchase from farmers and suppliers who operate with integrity and respect for their land and their finished products. Earth Circle Organics is committed to sustainability, service, and integrity in the raw food supply chain


Vertellus is the leading supplier of Castor Oil and Castor Oil Derivative formulating ingredients. Derivatives of other natural products are also available. Known for consistency and stability, natural-based products perform as emollients, pigment wetters, and emulsifiers in a broad range of skin and hair care products.

Food Ingredient Solutions

Food Ingredient Solutions, LLC is a leading U.S. manufacturer of natural colors, custom blends and emulsions.  We also carry the full line of FD&C Dyes and Lakes as well as liquid colors, dispersions, dye and lake blends.  We have a full range of color solutions for all of your needs.  We also have a complete technical and R&D staff that is readily available to help you with any of your color requirements.